Vinyl Floor Installation Atlanta

Vinyl Floor Installation

If you are looking for a floor that will give beautiful appeal while at the same time will be durable enough to resist everyday activity of kids, pets and everyday foot traffic, then a vinyl floor would be an in choice. A vinyl floor strikes a balance between luxuriousness and durability. Additionally there are several styles, colors and brands from which to choose.

When you have chosen the perfect vinyl floor for your home, it is time to choose the perfect professionals to install it. Those professionals are Right and Clean. Right and Clean are the preferred vinyl floor installation company for customers in the Atlanta area. We provide an installation service where your vinyl floor will look perfect each and every time. There are persons who may decide to do it themselves to install the floor however vinyl installation is not an easy task and it can be stressful. Therefore relieve that stress and have the professionals of Right and Clean install your vinyl floor. Looking for the best carpet installation Atlana has?

Our technicians are trained professionals in vinyl floor installation. We first assess the type of surface that being old vinyl, wood or concrete on which your vinyl floor will be installed. This is due to the fact that each type of flooring is prepared differently. We may also conduct a moisture test if the vinyl floor is being installed over concrete. Our team will also be able to assess whether your new vinyl floor will be able to be installed over old vinyl. There may also be a situation where you may require a new subfloor before installation. Again our experts would be able to inform you whether this is require. A clean and level subfloor is essential in having well installed, well supported and beautiful vinyl flooring. We also operate the top rated rug cleaning service in Atlanta.

Right and Clean are there to provide Customer support to clients before, during and after installation to ensure that the customers are comfortable and satisfied during and after the installation process. We also recommend that our clients conduct a walk through after the installation is completed to ensure that our team has met with their expectations. We also encourage our clients to ask questions to ensure that there are satisfied with the finished product.

Vinyl Floor Installation Atlanta
Best Vinyl Floor Installation Atlanta
After the installation, Right and Clean will provide some recommendations ensuring that your vinyl floor is properly installed. For example we recommend that you do not walk on the areas that are seamed for at least 24 hours. Additionally the area should be well ventilated at least 48 to 72 hours. Call Right and Clean in Atlanta at 404-333-8347 to schedule your appointment.