Carpet Repair Atlanta

Carpet Repair and Stretching

You have had your carpet for a few years and have noticed some ripples in it. While some eager do-it-yourselfers may try to repair these few ripples, it is best to contact the certified experts of Right and Clean. We are located in metro Atlanta area and can repair your carpet professionally and quickly returning it to the way it was before the ripples.

Right and Clean provides carpet stretching as one of its carpet repair services. Carpet stretching is used as a process to repair carpet that begun to ripple or bunch in your home. Ripples can occur when the carpet has heavy foot traffic or when furniture is moved around by sliding it. Slight rippling would not seem like a major reason to call in a professional however if ignored the slight rippling will become more extensive and can result in having to replace the carpet. If you are looking for great carpet cleaning or rug cleaning, contact us today. We also offer the best carpet installation services in Atlanta.

Right and Clean are available to respond to your carpet repair needs. We can repair your carpet when rippling begins to show. In fact our carpet stretching services can repair most carpet issues without you having to replace the entire flooring. Our repair services can save our customers hundreds of dollars as they no longer have to worry about the cost of purchasing a new carpet. In some cases, carpet stretch may be needed after you have removed your carpet to repair the floors underneath, solve mold problems or remove pet stains or spills from under the carpet. Right and Clean can stretch your carpet to ensure that it is return to its original state prior to removal.

Your carpet is a high traffic area in your home or business. On a daily basis your carpet receives dirt, dust, and stains. Additionally,your carpet can receive damage from your pets, your children and even a high heel shoe from a visiting guest. Carpets that are damaged are unsightly.

Carpet Repair Atlanta
Carpet Stretching Atlanta
Moreover loose and ripples carpets can cause injury to you, your family or your guests. Right and Clean are the professionals who can repair your carpet and save you the headache of replacing a new carpet. Our team is trained to repair your carpet and you are guaranteed satisfaction when you call on us. So before you think that you have to throw out your carpet because you believe that it is damaged beyond repair, call Right and Cleanfirst at 404-333-8347 to schedule a visit.