Car Interior Cleaning Atlanta

Car Interior Cleaning in Metro Atlanta

The average American spends approximately 10 hours per week in their car. You, your family and your passengers therefore deserve to have a car that is comfortable with a clean and healthy environment. In Atlanta most of us will start to maintain the health of their car by using a local car wash to clean the exterior and in some cases the interior of your car. Some of us may even go the extra mile and vacuum the rugs and upholster in the interior of their car weekly.

Even though this is a good step in maintaining the health of your car, dirt and bacteria can still remain in your car carpet and upholstery. We also have the best upholstery cleaning in Atlanta. Not only does our vehicle get us to where we are going, we track all the places that we visit into it. This means that we have dirt from streets in the city, sand from beaches and the parks and sometimes even worse things that we don’t want to think about. Additionally our car is where we eat food on the go leaving crumbs in the crevices of the car seats, carpet and upholstery.

What is your solution? You need to have Right and Clean steam clean the upholstery and carpet of your car. Looking for high quality carpet installation? Right and Clean is a company that will expertly apply steam to the carpet and upholstery in your car to remove dirt, bacteria and contaminants. Our truck mounted extraction system allows us to not only deep clean your car but also leave the upholstery and carpet fresh and stain free.

Using Right and Clean to steam clean the upholstery and carpet in your car ensures that the car where you and your family spend a considerable time is clean, healthy and safe. In fact regular steam cleaning helps keeps the interior of your vehicle looking like new and will have the added safety of a scotch guard preventing any future stains to set in before you have a chance to get to Right and Clean to clean it. Right and Clean also steam cleans your trunk, a sometimes a forgotten space in your car.

Car Interior Cleaning Atlanta
Right and Clean are the experts in car interior cleaning in metro Atlanta. We have experience in cleaning all types of automotive fabric including leather upholstery and we steam clean your carpets leaving them showroom new. Please call Right and Clean at 404-333-8347 to schedule your appointment to have your car returned to a healthy state with a steam cleaning.